Monday, September 15, 2008


"Hmmm...what's the meaning of this?" you say.
"HUH?!? Well, is there any CONDITION to it?? Or de badd siddde??" you said, staring at me with your weird eye look o_O
"wELL, UMMM there IS one." I NERVOUSLY said, sweating and shying away.
"well, WHAT IS IT???" you said, inching closer and giving me that weird look again O_o
"wELL, em not going to go on and give you UPDATES that much.So...yEA. bUT Atleast i'm still on!" :)

I ran back and told you, "Actually, I'm opening this NEW, (i think iT's better) BETTER, site called THEPINKPOTATO :) CLICK here GRR the link isn't just go to, k thanks!
uNFOURTUNLY, IT'S NOT ON MY 10YPINKGIR BLOGGER ACCOUNT. in the new account, i will go by the name MISS PINK. GOT IT?!??

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm quiting my site...

Hey...everyone. Sorry but I need to close this site because well, I'm too lazy to be making pictures&stuff...this site is going to remain here, though, but with no new posts n stuff...

BUT. I am NOT going to stop playing clubpenguin, NOT closing down my clubpenguin cheats sites that is a site that let's you put your site on it, and i will ALWAYS continue to reply to e-mails!

Since I will only use for my clubpenguin sites thingy ma jig, for feedback&stuff, if you want my PERSONAL e-mail, ask me for it so you can e-mail me on my personal e-mail by e-mailing happypinkducky, then I'll tell you my personal one. Thanks! and HAPPY CLUBPENGUIN DAYS!! I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN&WADDLE AROUND CLUBPENGUIN!

i will always remain...

sorry to say goodbye, but...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Newspaper!

There's a new newspapaer, and I figured out something pretty neat! What you do is click on the blue puffle, then click on the manhole , then click on the grey pail that orange penguin is holding on top of his head, then click on the huge carboard boxes on your right, and the playbill of the new stage movie is going to show up!
On the playbill, it says the name of the play is Ruby and the Ruby. It has a picture of a detective on it...Ooooh, a mystery movie =]

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ultimate Clubpenguin Test!

Here's how you play the Ultimate Clubpenguin Test: See if you are a great observer of clubpenguin! You'll need a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down where each picture is from, for example, the crab comes from the underground cave pool. If you get everything right, without guessing or being not so sure, then you win! You can go to ONE place on clubpenguin to observe first, then you have to log off and use what you observed to help you. Penguins in the picture that has no surroundings behind them, infront of them, etc, you don't have to worry, you just ignore them. Only penguins that have surroundings infront of them, in back, etc, you have to write down where they are.

Friday, September 5, 2008

CP Catalog cheats! (September '08)


Ok guys, I'm so siked for the new catalog! It's like totally awesome! Soooo, here's the hidden items. Click on the picture to view it larger and more clear =]

New Stage at work!

Here's what the stage look like right now. But what play do you think is going to be for it?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Aqua Graber game Improved

Yay! I'm so happy the Aqua Graber's a little easier now, and improved. So if you bring your pink puffle along to go and ride on the Aqua Graber with you, it blows bubbles for you so you can breath a lil longer. I have a pic of me testing it out with my pink puffle Cherryblush. Remember while you're riding the Aqua Graber...just hang in there buddy!

Hehe, I'm playing/testing it right now on Beanie (my fav server). Here's some help if you need it from me.

Clam Waters, Level/Stage One: To trick the giant clam mother, pick up the pearl shaped rock (a black rock the size of a pearl). It is located all the way to the right of the clam mother. Drop the pearl shaped rock inside the clam mother's moth. Then pick up the pearl. Go away slowly without bumping things, or you'll wake up the mother.

Soda Seas, Level/Stage One: To make the doors/caves open up, you have to pass by the lighty up plants thing a majig. I have some WEIRD pcitures for you that you might see at the end of the game.

One Million Coin Hack-Revealed

Well, there is this new clubpenguin hack, but I don't think you should do this...It's the one million coin hack, where you get one million coins. Click yes to play DJ3K, and hit the tab button until the yellow box hits the 'x'. Hold the enter button and you can earn 10,000 coins in 20 seconds. Now, clubpenguin has fixed it, and you can't do it anymore. I knew this trick/glitch/cheat way long before, but I didn't do it at all, hacking's just waaay too scary and shallow for me, and because I didn't do it, I have no pics for you guys...sorry =[ But some people got banned for doing it...And I didn't want to inform you on this so you guys won't get banned like the rest of the un hard working for coins people...

Sneak Peek for September 08's Clothing Catalog

Here are the sneak peeks for the new clothing catalog that's going to happenin' around clubpenguin soon! I think it's going to be err uh...for the first one I'm not so sure, so I think it's going to be some kinda white clothing with a pocket, brown and green light jacket, some causual denim jeans, and a green and white bandanna. I don't know...what do you guys think? Post your comments, thanks!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Celebrate or something =]
But, hey, doesn't it feel like something SPEACIAL is going to happen?
Who knows?


Yay! I was right! Theres this 150th Newspaper Pin! I found it at the Boiler Room, all by myself, because I though that the Boiler Room has newspapers and stuff.

Theres also, on the same day, (today's the 29th), a new Better Igloos catalog! It's filled with coffee machines, seats, pizzza makers, and more from restruants. This'll be a true heaven miracle if you have an igloo that's open for buisness. There's two secret items that you might want in the catalog, though. It's the guitar stand and the blender. But hey, don't you want them to bring back the pizza aprons and the coffee aprons?

Clubpenguin spots cheats/glitches

Hiya guys, I have a cheat/glitch I found out from this guy penguin a long time ago (forgot his name, I should feel guilty). I'm posting this now because some people still haven't figured how to do it yet, and I want to help. So what you do is click on the spot and then click on the mail while you are walking towards that spot. Close the mail in about ten seconds. There you go! Remember, while you are on the spot, you can still change your clothes, talk, dance, wave, and sit, but you can't move to another spot, or else you might end up in the dock (while doing this in town).

This cheat/glitch also works for the Plaza, inside the Ice Rink, and outside the Ice Rink. I will try and find other spots that this works if there are any. I will post some more pictures later on.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Comics Saturday (August 27)

Here's the comic for this Comics Saturday. Enjoy! Haha =]
Comics made by clubpenguin.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jet Pack Adevnture Game

Sigh...I'm only good enough to go on to Level 3, but I never pass level 3...sigh...Heres a picture of me going into parachute mood.
It says that if you complete the whole game with all the levels (I think there are about five or four levels), without getting any coins, you'll be rewarded with a one thousand coins bonus...have you ever gotten it? Post your comments, thanks =]

Ice Berg Rumour-Is it true, or false?

PIC A: Penguins lost and stranded at sea. PIC B: Penguins rescued.

Well, basically, almost all of you guys know the Ice berg Rumour. Or haven't you noticed when you take a stroll or a walk around clubpenguin for a while, some penguin pops up out of no where and says 'Tip the Ice Berg for coins!'? Yup, that's the Ice Berg Rumour. And it's still passing on and on...when will it ever stop? Penguins around clubpenguin (some penguins) think that the Ice Berg will tip if there's many many penguins standing on the Ice Berg, enough to fill the whole entire Ice Berg. And if it's tipped, they think it'll give them lots of coins. the rumour TRUE or FALSE? It's up to you to decide.

But what I think is that it might be true and might what I'm saying is, I care little about it. But since I know many of you care about the Ice Berg rumour, I have posted this, and I have also posted my Ice Berg prediction pictures, what it might look like when it gets tipped.

My buddy Ace Cube123

Today, I was hanging out with my buddy Ace Cube123 for a long while, about an hour or so.

She's like one of the best buddies ever! She's a real great buddy =] First, we we meet at the Town, then the coffee shop. After that we ate pizzas at the Pizza Parlour. Then after that, we where at the Attic, and I was watching her play Find Four. Then, we where at the cove, and I was swimming with my yellow ducky (my favourite thing to wear) and she was swimming with her blue arm floatys. Ace almost always wear her orange and black halloween scarf, it's so cute! Well, gotta go!

Monday, August 25, 2008


One of my favourite activities is sledding on Club Penguin, it's very fun! The fun part to me is being competitive and racing others, to see who's best. But the other fun part is sending 'good game' cards to them =] I don't race buddies, so I only race with strangers O_o (For example, Boom10 in the picture is not my buddy). Feel free to race with me! I'm on Club Penguin right now, in the Belly Slide server =] If I'm not on Ski Hill preparing to sled off like a crazy maniac, then chances are I might be focusing lke a crazy maniac, playing find four in the Ski Lodge =] Guess what this week's Comics Saturday's comic is going to be based on about...
The answer: s*le*d*di*n*g.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Comics Saturday (August 23)

Every Saturday, we are now posting funny comics that ClubPenguin made. Enjoy!
[Click on the comic to make it more large and clear]

Penguin Games '08

Hey guys! The penguin games
are here! Yay!!!

So what you do is this race, all three of them, and you get the medal, a necklace item =] All you have to do is stop at each light, and remember to stop at ALL of them. If one of the lights isn't turning on, then go back and check the place you were at before, and see if ALL the lamps are lighted. When you are done with all three races, click continue, and there you go, your pretty medal =]

There's also the return of the blue and red face paint, yay!

Go to the Pizza Parlour for the blue face paint; go where the mirror stand is, step on the make up table

Go to the coffe shop and step over the make up table for the red face paint.

I also promised you guys red&blue chants/cheers. So here it is:

For blue:

Blue rules, we're ice cold cool.

For Red:

Red makes your day, red makes your bed.

Well...hope you guys liked it =]

Have fun at the penguin games!

E-mail me at

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Em back!

Ok guys em back......thank god I didn't miss the penguin games... heh heh
Can't wait for it either.....................
I'm on the Blue Team, and I'm ready to cheer and be in the games!
When it's August 22, when the games start which is tomorrow, I will start posting the new things, and cheers I made up (don't worry, if you are on the Red Team, I will try and think up of Red Team cheers for you!)

Monday, August 18, 2008

PinkDucky's Flight Back to New York

Hi guys! I have to go on my Airplane Flight back to NY on August 20, which is tomorrow, so I might be gone for about three days during the flight. I might not be able to post new stuff while I'm gone........And I might be grounded for using the computer to much (it's not official, but I'll have to ask mom again), so until then, bu bye!

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Igloo Upgrades Catalog!

The new igloos availible in the Igloo Upgrades Catalog is the new Ship igloo and Gym igloo.

E-mail me at

New Pin (Dodgeball Pin)

Go to The Stage. At your right up, you'll see two red seats. You'll see a small Dodgeball Pin under the seats. Click on the pin and pick it up.

I hope you'll like your new pin!

E-mail me at

Monday, August 11, 2008


Today on Big Foot there was a black penguin, named 0ryanmarlow0 siting on top of the Night Club. he a hacker or was it a glitch? Or, was it return of the ninjas? Lots of people asked him how did he do that, and he responded by saying search on youtube. In a few moments, I might go on youtube and search for a cheat on how to do it. Then, I will post on here the how-to-do-it video. Okay, here it is:

Wweadam's Club Penguin - Become A Ninja Tutorial video
Hope this helps, and have fun being a ninja! Also, while being a ninja, be extra careful and nice so that you won't be reported and banned by angried/jealouse people O_o

P.S. Try to find me in the picture!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Missing Boats Scavenger Hunt

When you find all the missing paper boats and arrange all the pieces back together to the original drawing, you will get a free background as your prize.

Here is where all of the missing boats are:
  • Mine Shack
  • Cove
  • Coffee Shop
  • The Beach
  • Cave
  • Pet Shop
  • The Dock
  • Iceberg

Now click 'Build the blueprint' and start arranging the correct pieces together! When you're done, click 'Claim Prize' on the note that Rory wrote that will pop up as soon as you're done building!

Enjoy your prize!

E-mail me at

Rockhopper Arrives at CP Island

Rockhopper has arrived, and yes, I'm really excited too! I haven't met him yet, but when you do get to meet him, you'll get to have an autographed background from him!

Things for sale in Rockhopper's ship:
  • Free Brown Boots
  • Rockhopper Portrait
  • Wall Net
  • Steering Wheel
  • Lifeboat

Hidden items for sale:

  • Life Ring (Click in the middle of the Steering Wheel to get the Life Ring)

Secret/Locked Places to go to on the ship:

  • Crows Nest (First go to the top of the ship, then you'll see an arrow pointing up from the poll that Yarr, (Rockhopper's red puffle) was gliding on.
  • Captian's Head Quarters Room (To get in, you'll have to first go to the Book Room, located upstairs of the Coffee Shop. Click on the pile of books on top of the Book Shelf. Then, click on the brown book, titled 'The Journal of Captain Rockhopper'. Skip to the last page of the book, and you'll see the Captain's HQ Key. Click on it to pick it up. Now you can go inside the Captian's HQ Room.)

I hope you'll have a great time during Rockhopper's visit!

E-mail me at

New Play at The Stage: Team Blue Rally 2

I found out something pretty cool. While you're on stage, throw a snowball and it will turn into a dodge ball.
Here are the items for sale in the costume trunk and the characters that wear them:
Silver Whistle
Referee Jersey
Moose Mascot Costume
Blue team:
Blue Cheerleading Sweater
Blue Pompom
Track Jacket
Red team:
Red Cheerleading Sweater
Red Pompom
Red Track Jacket
Derictor's Hat
Gym Background

Have fun at the new play!

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New Pin (Vinyl Records Pin)

Go to the Night Club. Hover your mouse over to where the green puffle is. While it is jumping up, you'll see a Vinyl Records Pin that it was sitting on. Click on the pin and pick it up.

I hope you'll like your new pin!

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CP Catalog cheats! (August '08)

Gift Shop and Sports Shop Catalog cheats :

Good luck!
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